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Family, Friend, or Neighbor Care, (also known as License Exempt Child Care) means that the provider is not required to be licensed by the state of California. Exempt care includes home-based providers, nannies, and au pairs. Home-based providers that care for the children of one other family besides their own and may care for children in their own home or in the other family's home.

While the Resource Connection does not provide referrals to License Exempt Home Providers, we do provide assistance and have services available to them and the families they serve:

Family, Friend, or Neighbor Provider Quality Improvement

Though a grant with Quality Counts California The Resource Connection to support Family, Friend, or Neighbor License Exempt Child Care Providers not currently enrolled in the California Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS), who may be interested in the system.

Though this grant, you can receive the following incentives:

  • Each time you attend a Family Friend or Neighbor Provider Playgroup you will receive information and materials such as books and handouts based on specific topics (i.e. Nutrition)
  • When you contact our offices to discuss child/adult interactions and/or different ways to communicate with children - you will be eligible to receive the book "Home Start - family learning activities to enjoy together." from the Discovery Source.
  • If you attend a Health and Safety CPR or CDSS approved Preventative Health Class you would receive $50 in physical and nutritional education materials.

If you are interested in learning more about the QRIS Block Grant or have further questions, contact us. In addition we can supply you with a list of local CPR trainers and scholarships for those trainings.

TrustLine Background Check

TrustLine is an effective tool for parents to check the backgrounds of a baby-sitter, nanny, tutors and in-home counselors to determine if an applicant has criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California.

TrustLine is the only background check authorized by state law to use three databases that the general public, including private investigators and private background check companies, cannot access. These databases include the fingerprint records from the California Department of Justice's California Criminal History System; the Child Abuse Central Index of California; and fingerprint records of the FBI Criminal History System.

TrustLine Website -

TrustLine Phone Number - 1-800-822-8490

See below for an informational video on TrustLine

TrustLine Background Check Process

Learn more about TrustLine at: