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Our Council Members

AB 1542 and following statutes provide guidelines for the composition of the Local Planning Council membership and how appointments are made. The statute specifically requires that every effort should be made by the appointing agencies to assure that the ethnic, racial, and geographic composition of the LPC is reflective of the population of the county.

Members shall be appointed from each of the five following categories of representation:

  1. 20 percent consumers, defined as a parent or person who receives child care services.

  2. 20 percent child care providers, defined as a person who provides child care services or represents persons who provide child care services.

  3. 20 percent public agency representatives, defined as a person who represents a city, county, city and county, or local education agency.

  4. 20 percent community representatives, defined as a person who represents an agency or business that provides private funding for child care services, or who advocates for child care services through participation in civic or community-based organizations but is not a child care provider and does not represent an agency that contracts with the CDE to provide child care and development services.

  5. The remaining 20 percent are to be appointed from any of the above categories or outside of these categories at the discretion of the appointing agencies.

Our Staff

The CCCC staff has a strong commitment to serving the many constituents of our organization. But first and foremost, they focus their energies on those who take utilize or directly effected by child care programs and services.